Engaged Moderation

We block users who display bad behavior

Attendees and conference organizers who misuse LetsChatWith are removed from the platform.


Ban inappropriate attendees

Ban users who are not attending your conference, or who display inappropriate behaviour while using LetsChatWith, or while in attendance at your conference.


Allow messaging only from the users with whom you want to connect.

Every attendee is entitled to a positive conference experience, and we strive to do all that we can, in accordance with conference organizers, to identify and respond to misuse of LetsChatWith. Users are also able to report inappropriate interactions while using the app.

Our house rules

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I will have empathy

We all express ourselves differently. Do not judge.


I will display the highest standards of professionalism

LetsChatWith users are interested in connecting for the purpose of business development, professional opportunities, and positive community engagement. This is not a dating app.


I will be inclusive

Users are expected to create an inclusive and welcoming environment on LetsChatWith. Language or behaviour that excludes any user on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, degree of professional experience, age, disability, and more, is never tolerated.


I will promote the goals and spirit of my conference

LetsChatWith should be used as an extension of the conference experience. Users are expected to uphold the values and Code of Conduct for the conferences they are attending while using LetsChatWith.

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